Level Editor Prototype

This video shows the basics of our level editor.

Note: The music track for the video is missing.

In this video I tried to build the level in the order that I developed the editor. Features were added based on what I felt the game needed at the time to make me stop staying, “something’s missing”.

First, all I had were foreground walls and collision walls; the level looked empty, each platform felt like it was floating. I tried to fill them in with more wall images but it looked to cluttered.

Black rectangle walls were added to fill in the levels and make it look like each separate platform is part of a whole world.  Copies of each walls image were added with 50% brightness to use as background walls. Now the levels had enough depth for me have fun again.

Once I threw in enemies and items, the level editor started doing its job and my efforts could be placed elsewhere (eg: adding more guns) until that, “something’s missing” feeling comes back.


1 Response to “Level Editor Prototype”

  1. 1 JACOB September 16, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    HI ORUN ITS ME JACOB! UNCLE MATTS NEPHEW! It looks great! (the game) I just wanted to let you know 1.8 for minecraft is out, also they made a minecraft 1.81 so GOOD LUCK

    P.S. I Am going to put my skyscraper on youtube so keep a look out!

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