You’ve caught me redhanded!

I’ve been slacking on my blog so here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to since last.

Playing With Art

I’ve been programming an image manager and when I needed a distraction from the code I decided to play with some art styles.

Our current walls have black borders around them, causing overlapping images to show their edges. This style creates a cut and paste look and I feel works well with my more cartoony colourful art.

Current Black Border Art Style

As an experiment I created some very simple images without black boundary lines or to much detail.  The level looks more continuous then previous. I can’t tell if I like it more or less without a test with some better placeholder art but it does give me a sense of mashed potatoes.

No Border, Less Detail Art Style

I had finally got around to implementing a grid on the level editor and snap-to-grid functionality to provide me with pixel accuracy placement of level objects. I had to draw up some quick pixel walls to give it a test.  This looks more like a regular 2D pixel game but my level editors rotate function ruins pixel art, so everything needs to be drawn to angle.

Pixel Grid Art Style

A.I. Fun

Matt has been working hard on our Flyer enemy A.I.  At first they would just chase the player but now they follow a state machine of actions that really brings them to life. The video below shows me playing around with a few.

Software Engineering

I’ve been working on a new image management system for the game.  I’m implementing a ObjectPool design pattern to manage all of the games images more efficiently.  I’m going to save the details for my next post. It’s almost done.


I’m going to focus on programming.  Programming is my craft.  I’m going to limit my other indie game dev duties for a while and get back to the coding.


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