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Letting Others Play My Game

GunCore is my first game. Every mistake I’ve ever made in game development, I’ve made on GunCore. Despite my follies, through thick and thin, each month the game continues to grow and it’s finally able to be played outside of my Eclipse IDE.

I made a build a week ago and send it to 5 friends to give it a quick test.  Naturally, it was a disaster. The game is too early in development to be sent to someone without me beside them guiding them away from the incomplete sections.  As I answered my friends questions I realize that my prototype/feature priority needed to be changed. I need to focus more on patching the holes in my prototypes to allow the player to experience and critique the gameplay experience rather than the being lost in incomplete game states.

Since than I’ve been doing just that.  I’ve been cleaning up old test levels, rebalancing player and enemy attributes and temporarily removing all unnecessary, incomplete features.  My goal is to get an alpha build ready and start the play test phase of development.  GunCore is still far from alpha ready but at least it’s heading in the right direction.


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