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Learning Objective C – Day 2

In between developing my Java game I always try to find time to take a break from Java and try something new. In Jan it was the Global Game Jam but that was also in Java so this time I’ve taken a few days to try out Objective C and iPhone development.  I haven’t programmed in Objective C before but it reminds me of Java semantics with Objective C and C syntax mixed in. This is great because both Java and C are my strongest languages allowing me to get a running head start with the learning curve.

I started with this simple guide to Objective C’s syntax and then moved on to a Cocos2D game tutorial to get started on building something that resembled a game. I got through half of the tutorial before I felt like I knew what was going on and from there I have been building my own simple game.

Here is a video of my progress in just 2 days of learning Objective C and Cocos2D.

I learn best by doing and that’s what I’ve been up to so far, but I feel I’m only hindering myself If I dont take the time to read up on Objective C and finding out what it really can do for me.  I’ve got the book, “iPhone Game Development, O’Reilly“. No complaints yet but if you have a favorite book that really helped you during the learning phase, leave me a comment and I’ll love to check it out.


48h Global Game Jam 2012: Run Or Gun

Last weekend I participated in the GGJ12 48 hour Game Jam.  It was my first game jam ever so I didn’t know what to expect. I knew It looked like a lot of fun and a lot of hard work rolled into one weekend but I didn’t expect was the amount of motivation that I would feel after it.  Motivation that is helping me push through some of the background coding that GunCore needs.

Needless to say, I was unprepared. Before the theme was released everyone was showing off their already partially completed games, code foundations that had everything already working but the levels, half completed projects brought in for the jam, frameworks and engines that did most of the game making process for them; GameMaker etc.  But with a pretty much blank slate Matt and I picked up a solo artist and got the help of a floater sound producer and got to work.

Team Lazorun:

Orun Irunmale – Programmer
Matt Lazaridis – Game Designer / Level Editor
Marko Hadzi Nikolov – Artist
Ryan Henwood – Music / Sound

GGJ Theme: Ouroboros

The theme was a image of an ouroboros to be interpreted any way we wanted it to. Matt was the man with the plan who decided to make a 2 player game where your efforts to win come back to haunt you later on down the road, causing some form of strategy to be used to come out ahead. With that idea I began coding and having Matt as my peer programmer made the process go smoothly. While I rushed to build the gameState engine to coordinate the different game modes, graphics engine for drawing all of our objects, collision, keyboard and mouse inputs and a simple hardcoded level editor, Matt continuously tested and tweaked my code to help perfect timings, variables and algorithms, coordinate with our artist and sound guy, remind me of the game mechanics that I should be focusing on and also the occasional, “Good Job, man”.

With really, no time to spare, we completed our game, Run Or Gun.  The video below shows it in action and it can be downloaded from the Global Game Jam site or directly through this link.

After it’s all said and done I find myself looking for the next jam. I now understand why it is so fun to make a game with the, “get er done”, philosophy. I didn’t have to worry about my cohesion or coupling, my data structure decisions or design. I just got to build. Like lego without instructions. Felt good.

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