Learning Objective C – Day 2

In between developing my Java game I always try to find time to take a break from Java and try something new. In Jan it was the Global Game Jam but that was also in Java so this time I’ve taken a few days to try out Objective C and iPhone development.  I haven’t programmed in Objective C before but it reminds me of Java semantics with Objective C and C syntax mixed in. This is great because both Java and C are my strongest languages allowing me to get a running head start with the learning curve.

I started with this simple guide to Objective C’s syntax and then moved on to a Cocos2D game tutorial to get started on building something that resembled a game. I got through half of the tutorial before I felt like I knew what was going on and from there I have been building my own simple game.

Here is a video of my progress in just 2 days of learning Objective C and Cocos2D.

I learn best by doing and that’s what I’ve been up to so far, but I feel I’m only hindering myself If I dont take the time to read up on Objective C and finding out what it really can do for me.  I’ve got the book, “iPhone Game Development, O’Reilly“. No complaints yet but if you have a favorite book that really helped you during the learning phase, leave me a comment and I’ll love to check it out.


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