Here is a list of all of my gaming projects. Most were made for the learning experience, or to try out an idea/mechanic.



Description: A fast paced, 2D sci-fi platformer with a variety of guns.

This is my longest project in development and my attempt to build my own game engine, level editor, event system and collision detection.

Language: Java SE 6


Run Or Gun – 48h Global Game Jam 2012

Description:  A 2-Player (local) game where one player runs in search of life points, with the keyboard, while the other player uses the mouse to shoot at him and set off traps in the level. When the round ends scored are tallied and players switch controls.

Every round, the shots fired with left click are saved and replayed for all following rounds.

Language: Java SE 6


Red Blue Swap – SHMUP Prototype

Description:  Inspired by the game Ikaruga, this SHMUP allows the player to swap between the dangerous red and blue squares to the non-dangerous grey background squares.  Shooting red squares shrinks them while shooting blue squares makes them grow.

Language: Java SE 6


Lianliankan Clone

Description: Find all the matching fruits which also connect to each other within the time limit.

Language: JavaScript


Reverse Tetris Prototype

Description: Instead of making lines, move your only piece downward, avoiding all blocks and using rotate to maneuver through tricky, tight situations.

Level is randomly generated.

Language: JavaScript


Line Flyer Prototype

Description: A Space SHMUP with random level and enemy generation.  Blast everything in your way and survive as long as possible

Language: JavaScript

Cocos2D Galaga Prototype
Description: Galaga inspired game. Screen touches activate closest turret. Destroy the coming aliens before they reach the ground.
Language: Objective C, Cocos2D Framework

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