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Play the current build of Reverse Tetris

Alpha Version

Reverse Tetris

It still has some bugs and missing features but the game is in a playable state.  This game was just a random idea to get something up and running with javascript, but fell free to let me know what’s missing or what needs changing. I’m testing the game with Google Chrome but hopefully it also runs on your browser.

Click Here To Play Reverse Tetris

My next milestone is to add a scoreboard. Yellow gems increase your score so now score needs to be saveable at the very least.


Learning JavaScript – Reverse Tetris MiniGame

Last week I made my first small javascript game and I’ve really started to love the language. I learn by doing and even though the project was completed and submitted, I wasn’t done learning so I wasn’t done doing. Immediately I started on my next mini game Reverse Tetris (working title).

Reverse Tetris is about my favorite part of tetris, the tricky manouvering of your block into the perfect tight spot. This time your goal isn’t to make lines but to manouvcer your peice without collideing with anything else, in order to continue falling forever. The Tetris level is infinitly being built as you fall and as you survive you rack up points and the level speeds up.

The game is still in development but I do have enough to show you a quick demo. Currently rotation, proper level generation and score are not yet implemented but when I’m next free, I should have this game finished.  I’m still new to javascript and finding out new things all the time but for my limited exposure I feel javascript lets me get things up and running twice as fast as Java.

Here is the current build. When the game is completed I’ll provide a link to it so you can give it a try yourself.

My main goal is to keep the mechanics as close to the original NES Tetris that I grew up with as possible. Rotation must act the same, holding down allows you to speedup and the scrolling jolts to allow for quick horizontal movement and rotation to maneuver through tight situations.

Follow the dev on Twitter.

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